Patio heaters are an excellent way of providing toasty warmth during these times, keeping outdoor spaces comfortable and enjoyable as any of your inside rooms.

Electric patio heaters provide a great advantage as compared to the traditional propane heaters. The electric patio heater works using heat radiation principle which means minimum heat loss and no environmental pollution (unlike gas-powered patio heaters). These heaters come in sleek designs and do not occupy huge space. Electric patio heaters are often highly portable as well can easily be mounted to walls and ceilings.

If you're looking for an electric patio heater, the sheer number of options can seem intimidating. However, Caloray is a supplier of elegantly designed, radiant, and luxury heating products in the USA. Focusing on innovative design and product quality, Caloray has come up with a new heating invention Caloray Disc Heater which has revolutionized the way to enjoy the outdoor area more often and for longer periods.


Caloray Disc Heaters

Caloray Disc is the world's first circular 'non-glow' heater which brings function and form together in an architectural and elegant product. These are the most convenient, user-friendly and efficient outdoor heating solutions.

Heating outdoor areas require products that are a little more rugged but Caloray Disc Heaters are no less stylish in their compact design. The stylish and functional Caloray Disc Heaters add a decorative touch to patio areas while providing between 2.1 and 2.7m of coverag

Caloray Disc Heater is a discreet infrared heater that can be endlessly customized with different mounting options. Caloray Disc Heater is not only lightweight and easily portable, but they are also energy-efficient and affordable. Once they’re installed properly, all you have to do is to switch on the plug and you're ready to enjoy a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

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Most importantly, if you have a big patio, however, you may wonder how many patio heaters you need for your space. Our team at Big Garden Shopping is always available to estimate how many heaters you need to keep your patio space comfortable for as long as possible.

So grab yourself an efficient Caloray Disc Heater and enjoy long nights throughout the year.

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